I find myself often lost in translation. In constant search for the right words to bridge singular and shared spaces. One exists only in my mind, and the other, yours and mine. Here is one bridge. Through writing, I funnel my thoughts through a word at a time, one followed by the next.

As a young girl, I kept a habit of having pen and paper in hand. Handwritten in ink are my to-do lists, favorite quotes, stickers and maps from travels abroad, quick jotted notes, and long essays about friendship, family, love gain and love loss, growing up, and self-identification. What I’ve accomplished in an ongoing count of completed journals — over the span of my formative years of adulthood — is a collection of my life captured in hundreds of pages.

Inspired by my habit for note-taking, and living in an increasingly digital world, I am committed to keep up with a public blog. Here, I will express opinions, share sincere curiosities, file away fleeting thoughts for friends and peers alike. No angle, no theme. Of course, like anyone, my writing will reveal personal biases and perspectives that are colored by my ethnic background, sex, age, location, and upbringing. Some ideas might be original, while others derivative. This is a space intended for my humble attempt to contribute one more voice, among the sea of many, in this ever-changing, information-sharing world.