Any Travel Recommendations to The Greek Isles?

A few months ago, me and my three closest girlfriends were in discussion over booking a girls’ trip to Greece scheduled for the late summer. They were only starting to plan their trip, when I hesitated on the initial invitation and ultimately declined due to scheduling conflicts with my personal life (i.e., fluctuating job status, moving apartments, etc.). Call me easily influenced, but once they actually booked their flights, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take a trip with my dearest friends. (See: classic case of #FOMO.)

Santorini, Greece

We’re going to Greece!

Our itinerary is set, accommodations are booked, and now it’s a simple matter of showing up. In late August, from San Francisco, we’ll arrive in Athens and take ferries to Mykonos, Santorini, and Crete.

At each island location, we booked an AirBnB for 2-3 nights. Last month, we sat in a room all together: four girls, four laptops, each searching for the most beautiful (ok, and affordable) house on AirBnB with stunning views. We are still waiting on purchasing our ferry tickets, which don’t seem like an issue to book the day before or day of the voyage.

Crete Harbor, Crete, Greece

Seeking Greek Isle Recommendations!

We are an active bunch of girls, who enjoy vacation, adventure, and an energetic lifestyle. In all of our research so far, we know that we won’t be disappointed by what the beautiful Mediterranean will have to offer. None of us are staunch planners on vacation, so we’ll likely roll with the good times as they come.

That said, we are looking forward to checking a few of these from our bucket list:

  • Spend an afternoon sailing in the sea
  • Take a one-day cooking class on Greek cuisine
  • Hike to heights for beautiful city and landscapes
  • Daytime pool party on Mykonos

With about four weeks left before this holiday, I’m eager to learn what else there is to discover. Between now and my departure in late August, I’m open to any and all recommendations, travel tips, and activities from those who’ve traveled to Greece or like me, who has dreamed to go one day.


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